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In our network we have one CAE server. Because we want to test an application, we setup a new server and installed Citrix Acces Essential on it.

We don't want to buy additional license for the test.

Can anyone tell me if we can use the license of the other CAE server? In the managment console is it possible to change the license server, but without effect.

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Daniel BorgerConnect With a Mentor Senior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
The license you downloaded has the license server name encoded in it and will not work on another server. You could return some user licenses and reallocate them. this would allow you to download a license file with the new server name.
Also, your local Citrix reseller could set you up with some Evaluation licenses and you could use those by doing the same process as above.
CAE is a single server solution so I don't think pointing it to the other license server will do anything. The thought is if you need more than one server, Citrix wants you to use XenApp.
AngelolelAuthor Commented:
I just called my Citrix reseller. They have a evaluiation license for me. I can use it for 60 days. Thanks!
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