Adding "single host" do DNS

Dont know how to explain this, but an example might do the trick.
We want to move this lines (wich are from the hosts file) to the DNS server       yay

Yes the ips are the same. I really dont know why they have one with just the hostname.
But it has to be this way, otherwize it ownt work, guess they use some sort of hoastheader check.

We have a AD domian in DNS (

I had no problem adding to DNS.
by creating a zone called and and a a record called yay.

but how to make yay work.
Tried to add a new zone called yay and one  a record refering to parrent (Name = same as parent folder)
with IP

Nslookup wont find it. if i type nslookup yay

if i under the yay zone add one a test record pointing to then
nslookup test.yay works.

But ofcause just yay do not work.

Would really like to get this to work in DNS, i have also tried adding yay to our domain as an a record. But then adress becoms, witch gives problems with certificate and hoast header...

Do i really have to manage a lot of hostsfiles...

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A little weirdo here,

When I go back to my room, it is another subnet behind one router to my subnet that my DNS server located.
And when I re-test,

I must use FQDN yay. instead of yay to get it work. So if you don't mind, in this case, use FQDN "hostname" to work out.

C:\>ping yay
Ping request could not find host yay. Please check the name and try again.

C:\>ping yay.

Pinging yay [] with 32 bytes of data:

Tried to test in gilget way but not successfully.

Dig more about DNS System, It seem not accept the way you treat top level domain with out use it in FQDN format. Tested with both Windows DNS server and Bind9. So that's why every system from Windows, Linux, Unix still have hosts file in its system. If you want to use single hostname without FQDN format, should you hosts file. So that's why I said a little weirdo in my first test, it can resolve yay without "." one time.
as clarification

if you configure a zone for yay, and then an A record for the host yay within.
since your machines are on a domain, their dns suffix (i guess you pass it with DHCP), is
so every dns request that has only hostname and not FQDN (fully qualified domain name) will be translatet to

i will lookup how to fix your problem, give me a sec.

Just because you are not clear about DNS Stuff, look at my test zone below and you will understand how it's work.
Then you can add many more as you wish, forget about hosts file.

Good luck
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@ thetman

nice answer! man your fast with screenshotting stuff-
good thing i have took another look on the page or I would have done the work for nothing -;)
klundoffshoreAuthor Commented:
Thanx for quick answer, and going as far as lots of great screenshots.
I think thre is a misunderstanding, i am able to get the test.yay to work as stated in question:
"nslookup test.yay works."

As you can se from the hostfile i am able to use yay to stuff.

like an url


(without using the hostname " test")

You are pinging test.yay, but are you able to type

ping yay

when using the hostfile you can. There is my problem.

ping yay :)

this whole ting boils down to i want to ping to be able to type

and that would translate to an IP without using hostfile.

klundoffshoreAuthor Commented:
lots of typos in my comment above, but i hope you get the point.
C:\>ping yay

Pinging yay [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from TTL expired in transit.

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 1, Received = 1, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

Of couse it can, because it's normal A record
You can resolution yay when you create a record with blank name in yay zone. In dns02.png did you see I must create a blank name A record (it means yay. alone) with IP x.x.x.12

And from client I can ping yay as normal.

If you want resolution abc with IP x.x.x.x for many clients, you should create zone as my example above. But if you only want for your use only, edit your hosts file will be more handy choice.
In my example, I use yay = x.x.x.12 and test.yay = x.x.x.13 for you too see the different.

Hope this help
klundoffshoreAuthor Commented:
ok, where do i go wrong then, posting step by step images here:

I am creating a blank a record.
(at the end i get an error, but it does not seem to affect what shows in the console)

On a side note, the ip's and host names are not real
hello yay

your configuration of your ZONE for YAY and the host in it is just fine.

but to make your workstations of the domain be able to find that record, you need to have a forwarder in your default ZONE that you pass using the DHCP.

Right click your default zone in the menu, then "add domain".
if you have typed the domain
this will make a new folder called "com"
and inside of that a folder called "yourdomain"
and inside of that is where you make your A record pointing to yay.
klundoffshoreAuthor Commented:
Thanx a lot guys for a quick resolve, have split the points, fiar, i guess. To bad our provider does not use FQDN, then this thread would not exist :) Agian, cheers, and thanx, you made my day.
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