C# reading files from a remote web server virtual directory.

Using C# .net 2.0.

I need to be able to trawl down a folder on a remote web server that has been set up as a virtual directory, with my C# behind code for my aspx. Can't use conventional file IO class because I'm getting "URI format not supported" errors. I need to pull back the file names from this folder. Any ideas please?
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silemoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you create a service on the other service and get to the file through the service?
jonatecAuthor Commented:
You mean a Web Service? Isn't this an overkill?
spprivateConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Silemone;s suggestion is good
It is not really a overkill
We used the exact architecture.
First request will call a webservice in the other server and get the list of files.
then we used webclient to download those files.
Cos weblcient can only download file by http request we had to do this.
But thats the good solution
jonatecAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks guys, I hear the consensus. Cheers.
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