Java Netware Problem (Groupwise Webaccess)

i had the problem, that the groupwise webaccess did not work. You got this error message:

Error 503
Monday, May 11, 2009 12:15:57
Apache/2.0.59 (NETWARE) mod_jk/1.2.21

I've found that the CPU utilization was very high during this problem. The Netware monitor showed a Java Thread at Top1 (Attachment: highcpu.jpg)

After a reboot of the server, everthing works normal (Attachment: normal.jpg).
This Problem occurs once every 2-3 weeks.

What can i do to solve this error?

Best regards,
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Do you have any support contract with Novell?

If you don't, you can open an incident with them, and I think if they determine you've found a bug, they'll refund whatever you paid to open the call.

My gut tells me you've found a bug. I'd start with making sure the OS is fully patched, and also the GroupWise installation is fully patched.

How is the memory utilization on the server? I'd check to make sure it's not running low on RAM (File Cache Memory below 50%).
Have there been any java updates to your server?  How long has this cpu utilization been happening?  There was a utilzation problem with a version of Java that came out recently and may be in a patch you may have applied.

type m java at the console and let me know the version of the java.nlm.


TREXmanAuthor Commented:
Hi Scott,
there have been no updates be installed on this server yet. The Netware Version is 6.5 SP7
The high CPU utilization took so long until you reboot the server.

Here is the java version screen:
  Loaded from [SYS:\JAVA\BIN\] on  6 May 2009  18.52.09                        
  (Address Space = OS)                                                          
  java.nlm (based on 1.4.2_13)  Build 07091313                                  
  Version 1.42.09 13 September 2007                                            
  Copyright (c) 2006 Novell, Inc.  Portions Copyright (c) 2006 Sun Microsystems

Thanks for you help.
TREXmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you help. I do an update on this server.
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