Cisco ASA dropping packets

I have a Cisco ASA which is dropping packets on both the inside & outside interfaces.  Each of the routers which connect to it via VPN are dropping packets on their ATM interface.  Any suggestions or ideas on how to track this fault down?  It only seems to of had the problem since the introduction of VOIP (a Mitel 3300) at the HQ site, but looking at a packet capture there are no VOIP packets arriving at the interface on the ASA.

Any suggestions most welcome.
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Compaq_EngineerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The VPN works perfectly apart from being very slow (normal ping on the links of approx 60 - 70ms), now the VOIP phone system is installed (which is not traversing the vpn) the ping time is approx 290 - 310ms.  The only thing i have found is packets dropped counters on both the inside & outside interface's of the ASA are dropping packets.
can you draw a simple diagram description is not to clear?
Compaq_EngineerAuthor Commented:
Yes no prob, although I'm lacking a scanner to hand at home.
A simple line diagram though would be:-
HQ LAN -> ASA -> INTERNET -> 877 -> Remote Office LAN
The HQ connection to the internet is by a BT Net 20mb symetric LES circuit.  The remote office a BT Max ADSL line.
The packets on the ASA are being dropped on both the HQ LAN and INTERNET interfaces, at the remote off just on the INTERNET interface (atm0) of the 877.
I'll post a JPEG of the network tomorrow when I'm back in the office.
do you mean all packets mwaning no data is traversing the firewall or do you mean just voice packets?
Is the phone system on a network that was prexisting or did you create a new network for the phone system?
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