Access Select Multiple Records on List and Transfer to Subform


I have a main form (unbound)  that contains a list that is generated from several search fields.  Currently, I can click on the record, and press a command button that will copy that record information over to a bounded subform.  Works great!  However, looks like we would like to be able to select multiple record on the list and have those records be copied over to the subform for browsing.

Here is the code in the list table review subform(frmBrowseByName_Single):
Private Sub Command83_Click()
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmBrowseByName_Single", , , "[StructureID]=" & Me.lstStructures
On Error GoTo Err_Command83_Click

    Dim stDocName As String
    Dim stLinkCriteria As String

    stDocName = "frmBrowseByName_Single"
    DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria

    Exit Sub

    MsgBox Err.Description
    Resume Exit_Command83_Click
End Sub

Here is the code in the subform (frmBrowseByName_Single):
Private Sub Form_Load()
'Used to allow for next record to be browsed
Dim rstFormRecords As Object
Dim lngStructureID As Long
    lngStructureID = Me.StructureID
    Me.FilterOn = False
    Set rstFormRecords = Me.Recordset.Clone
    rstFormRecords.FindFirst "[StructureID] = " & lngStructureID
    If Not rstFormRecords.EOF Then Me.Bookmark = rstFormRecords.Bookmark

End Sub

If I set the multiple select to extended, and the code stopped at the StructureID =.  

Thanks for the help!!

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josephwalshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have attached an updated database.
JPW has been put in a comment where changes have been made.

I made changes to the search form.
The listbox has been changed to allow multiple select.
There is new code in 'View a Record' where it builds the filter for the subform.
Option explicit has been added to give more control over variable defs etc.

I made a few small changes to frmBrowseByName_Single to allow the filter to work correctly.

Take the query that generates the list.
That is also the basis of your recordsource for the other form.

Therefore create your new query as follows (set this as the recordsource for the other form):
SELECT * FROM yourtablename/queryname
WHERE [StructureID] IN yourexisting searchquery
Heather_DAuthor Commented:
Hi Joseph,

Not sure I understand.  Here is my search query:

SELECT tblNCHPOsurvey.StructureID, LTrim([PropertyFirstName] & " " & [PropertyName] & " " & [PropertyTown]) AS NameandType, tblNCHPOsurvey.COUNTY, LTrim([LocationPrefix] & " " & [PropertyLocation] & " - " & [PropertyTown]) AS AddressTown, tblNCHPOsurvey.SSN, tblNCHPOsurvey.PropertyName, tblNCHPOsurvey.PropertyFirstName, tblNCHPOsurvey.PropertyTown, tblNCHPOsurvey.NRCODE, tblNCHPOsurvey.LocationPrefix, tblNCHPOsurvey.PropertyLocation, tblNCHPOsurvey.PropertyTown, tblNCHPOsurvey.Style, tblNCHPOsurvey.Material, tblNCHPOsurvey.Construction, tblNCHPOsurvey.Comment, tblNCHPOsurvey.Date, tblNCHPOsurvey.ListStatus
FROM tblNCHPOsurvey
WHERE (((LTrim([PropertyFirstName] & " " & [PropertyName] & " " & [PropertyTown])) Like "*" & [forms]![frmSearch]![txtNameandType] & "*") AND ((tblNCHPOsurvey.COUNTY) Like "*" & [forms]![frmSearch]![cmbCounty] & "*") AND ((LTrim([LocationPrefix] & " " & [PropertyLocation] & " - " & [PropertyTown])) Like "*" & [forms]![frmSearch]![txtPropertyLocation] & "*") AND ((tblNCHPOsurvey.PropertyTown) Like "*" & [forms]![frmSearch]![txtTown] & "*") AND ((tblNCHPOsurvey.NRCODE) Like "*" & [forms]![frmSearch]![txtNRCode] & "*") AND ((tblNCHPOsurvey.Style) Like "*" & [forms]![frmSearch]![txtStyle] & "*") AND ((tblNCHPOsurvey.Material) Like "*" & [forms]![frmSearch]![txtMaterial] & "*") AND ((tblNCHPOsurvey.Construction) Like "*" & [forms]![frmSearch]![txtConstruction] & "*") AND ((tblNCHPOsurvey.Comment) Like "*" & [forms]![frmSearch]![txtComment] & "*") AND ((tblNCHPOsurvey.Date) Between Nz([Forms]![frmSearch]![txtEarlyDate],[Date]) And Nz([Forms]![frmSearch]![txtLateDate],[Date])) AND ((tblNCHPOsurvey.ListStatus) Like "*" & [forms]![frmSearch]![cmbListStatus] & "*"))
ORDER BY tblNCHPOsurvey.COUNTY, tblNCHPOsurvey.PropertyName, tblNCHPOsurvey.PropertyFirstName, tblNCHPOsurvey.PropertyTown;


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Heather_DAuthor Commented:
Do you need a copy of the database?  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Heather_DAuthor Commented:
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmBrowseByName_Single", , , "[StructureID]=" & Me.lstStructures

If I change the list select to extended, I get an error in the above code.  Looks like it might have something to do with the structureid being = to something instead of multiple things.
A copy of the datbase would helpful.
Heather_DAuthor Commented:
This is the database.  Go to switchboard form and click on search/browse by Name.  The search Name form (frmsearch)  is my original form and then when you click look record, that form is the subform(frmbrowsebyname_single).
Heather_DAuthor Commented:
Super!! I love you!
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