Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 Connectivity problems

Hello All, I have a very small environment with 2 Citrix servers Windows 2003 Standard SP1 and Citrix Presentation Servers 4.5. My users connect to their published application via WI 4.6. My servers are 2x DELL 2950 with 4Gb RAM. I am currently running test on one of servers to check how many concurrent connection we can get onboard. After we reach 29 connections running notepad as published application then all of my currently connected clients get error attempting to reconnect and then crash. We checked the following on the server:
1- Load Evaluator
2- Citrix policies
3- Network connectivity
4- Pagefile location

Has anyone expereinced similar problem can help me with any suggestions??
Many Thanks
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YouniscoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hello AMichaell, after your previous comments I decided to focuse on the memory side as the server seems to run out of memory after rebooting. The solution was very simple one of our support guys applied the /3GB switch on boot.ini. This sorted all of our issues. This is for the rest of the guys in this forum.
32 bit?  Do you see any errors in the event logs, particularly in the system log with a source of SRV?
YouniscoAuthor Commented:
Hello Amichaell, we are using 32bit and the only message I get in event viewer is the following warnnings:
Event id:       2012
Source:         PerfOS
Category:       None
Unable to get system process information from system.  The status code returned is in the first DWORD in the data section.
32 bit servers are more prone to memory issues, which is why I was asking about the SRV errors.  We saw quite a few problems when we would overload a server.  I'd look at your resources, particularly your paged and non-paged pool memory.
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