I Need Help in CUCM7 with Unity7 BOQ

guys i need your help and experience in this:
my network conssits of  (2) CUCM7 server, (2) 2821 Router and one Unity7 server.
i'm making a BOQ for Unity 7 to work with CUCM 7, and i want Unity to be be integrated with Exchange for Unified Messaging.
but i'm afraid of ordering missing parts like Liscenses and stuff..., so could you please help me with a template of standard ordering? lets say for 300 user.
and one more thing about the integration between Unity and Exchange, can we integrate with Exch 2007, or it's only with 2003.
Guys i'm in a hurry, i really appreciate your fast response.
actually i attached one BOQ but i think there are unnecessary stuff!!!
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NaserJaloukConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
after searching in other forums i got my answer, so i wanted to share it here with all.
actually this is a unity 5 bundle, it works just the same with unity 7:

Product Description Quantity
UNITY-BUNDLE Unity Bundle 1
UNITY-5.X-K9 Unity Release 5 1
UNITYU5-300USR-E Unity UM Exchg, 300 users, 16 session 1
UNITYU5-USR-E One Unity VM/UM for Exchange User 300
SC-SW-KIT Speech Connect Media and License Kit 1
SC-UNITY-NAME Speech Connect - One Cisco Unity Name 1
Included: UNITY5.X-EXCH-KIT Message Store 2003 1
Included: SC-PAK Speech Connect Product Activation Key 1
UCSS-UTY-2-1 Unity UCSS VM/UM User Two Years One User 300
MCS-7835-I2-ECS1 MCS-7835-I2; Rack; Unity; 2GB; SAS RAID 1
UNITY-SYSDISK Unity Operating System 2003 1
UNITY-PWR-EUR Power Cord - Fr, Ger, Neth, Nor, Sp, Swe, Aus, Belg, Pe 1
DAT-USB-RM-72 Rack Mount USB 36/72GB DAT Drive 1
Included: UNITY-PWR-EUR Power Cord - Fr, Ger, Neth, Nor, Sp, Swe, Aus, Belg, Peru 1


You all ready have and are running Call manager 7.0 along with Unity 7.0? You want to upgrade from Voicemail only on the Unity side and want to switch over to Unified Communication with unity? You want to integrate Unity with Exchange 2007?

I just want to make sure that I understand the situation.


NaserJaloukAuthor Commented:
yes i understand that and i want to do all what you have just said, but i'm talking about preparing the BOQ, not how to do the implementation.
so any suggestion!!!

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BOQ? Sorry for my lack of understanding that acronym.

The reason I asked the questions I did was so that I understood what you have already and what needs to be added. If you have all the pieces and just need to add unified CM then it is a single license.

I am familiar with  BOM - Bill of materials not sure what a BOQ is.

Sorry for any confusion, just noticed no one helping and thought I would see what I could do.


NaserJaloukAuthor Commented:
thanks 3nerds, i appreciate ur initiate
BOQ stands for Bil of Quantity

Guys, i'm  still waiting for help


As a VOIP specialized Cisco Partner.

If you are starting from scratch I would do one of 2 things.

1) if you are a VAR utilize your disti to help with the config, that way if it is wrong then they are on the hook for the missed parts

2) if you are an end user reach out to you local Cisco Var and get help.  

I can not offer a solution as to what parts are needed as this conversation with my customers would normally be a long conversation.

If this is a fresh install then many different parts are needed and I would build that through the cisco configurator.

If this is an existing install and you just want to add unified capabilities then you need to purchase a license upgrade.

I wish you luck in your endeavor, and I am sorry I was not of more assistance..


NaserJaloukAuthor Commented:
come on guys, where r the Experts???
at least take a look at the attached file and do some comments.
waiting for your  advice...
please don't cry...  You are asking for a build sheet for a Unified Communications platform that typically requires much planning.
Here are some hints after a quick glance:
1) routers need to have voice software not ip base
2) you need 2 CM 7.0 licenses(1 for each server)
3) CallManager required device licenses not CCME licenses. qty 3 for each 7911, qty 5 for each 7975 and qty 6 for each 7985
4) with the quantities of phones here, I would recommend 7825 vs. 7816 servers as you are near max growth on servers.  Note that CM license will be different for a 7825.
5) don't purchase ucss for 1 month on a new install.  purchase 1-3 years
6) ESW should be purchased for CM
7) not sure what the hardware key is for.  We don't have that in the US.

Hope that helps

NaserJaloukAuthor Commented:
thanks 3nerds, but 1 more thing
what are ESW and ucss used for?
and as for unity server, what is Point No. 5 used for isn't this a Call Manager License?
and what about Microsoft KIT like Windows Server 2003, Exchange, Active Directory,...

Unity Server:

No.           Description               Qty.
1. Unity Release 7 (UNITY7-K9) 1
2. Unity server license for VM or Incl 32 sessions (UNITY7-SL-32) 1
3. One Unity for Exchange User (UNITY7-USR-E) 500 1
4. Exchange 2003 in English, French, German, and Japanese (UNITY7-EXCH-KIT) 1
5. License CM 7.0 7815/7816, 500 seats (LIC-CM7.0-7816=) 1
6. ESSENTIAL SW Unity Release 7-Top (CON-ESW-UNITY7K9) 1
7. ESSENTIAL SW 5 for Exchange Usr Lic(CON-ESW-U7USRE5) 500
UCSS is software upgrades
ESW is software support
Exchange 2003 Kit would be to help integrate Unity with Exchange.
NaserJaloukAuthor Commented:
you remind me with a friend who can't just say "i don't know".
i'll try to look in other forums.
No one offered help we spent a good deal of time providing it. Just because the end user didn't choose to listen to the answer does not mean it was incorrect.

NaserJaloukAuthor Commented:
as i wrote,
i'm asking on some thing, and he kept answering on some thing else.
i have nothing more to say.
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