Query regarding installing Hotfix Rollup Pack 6 on Citrix 4.0 PS

Hi All

We are running a Citrix 4.0 PS farm on Windows 2003 servers. The servers are currently running Hotfix Rollup Pack 5.

We would like to install Hotfix Rollup Pack 6. So far, our strategy for installing Hotfix Rollup Packs is to install on one server and then stagger the migration by installing on groups of servers at a time.

However, according to this document (which applies to XenApp 5.0 I must say), thre is a order of deployment that is very important. The ZDC/BZDC need to be upgraded first and the Member servers last.


Does this apply to Presentation Server 4.0 as well?

Thank you
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes; otherwise you'll find entries in the event log of the ZDC complaining that there are servers in the farm that have a later hotfix level than the ZDC itself.
Joe_BuddenAuthor Commented:
So we can't really install on a test server first (within the same farm) - we have to install straight to the ZDC/BZDC?
Let's put it that way: you usually can install it on a test server first without issues (guess why I know about the event log entries...), it's just not recommended.
And, just in case, it's always a good idea to backup the datastore as well before installing a new rollup package.
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