Hardware Monitoring + email

Looking for some software that can be installed on my workstations that in the event of any type of hardware malfunction an email is sent to notify me of the issue.  Such as a suspected failing hard disk, cpu is overheading, anything really that might be detectable.
Is there any such software?
Any help would be great.
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gilgetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
see servers alive
it has what you need and much more ;).

flopez235Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is also an open-source solution called Nagios.


Used it at my last job to monitor over 800 workstations.  Works pretty good.
I would also recommend Nagios for network monitoring and error reporting.

And as metod of monitoring I would suggest to consider SNMP.

If you are looking for monitoring Windows servers with Nagios and SNMP then you miht want to check this web site:

If you have any vendor specific need for Nagios then you might find additional plugins on:

Apart of that you cn use NagVis and PNP4Nagios to visualize your monitoring.

So, I agree with flopez235 that Nagios is very good system and works very well.
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oO nagios is awesome. thanks for the tip
just noticed that I put wrong link to SNMP plugins for Windows.
http://nagios.manubulon.com is proper one.

Sorry for that.
CaseyTechnologiesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips.  Both of these products will point us in the right direction.  Thanks again.
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