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Cannot connect to Citrix site (HTTPS)

Hello -

I have installed and configured a CSG/WI with a godaddy SSL certificate. I was able to browse to WI site in IIS, but can not access through https. I can see traffic on my TZ190 router as the NAT policys and access rules are in place to allow ports 80-TCP Port 443 - Citrix - Service group.

Policy Statistics shows some traffic

A (Host)  
 Host Points To TTL Actions
 myrapadocs 1 Hour    
 @ 1 Hour    
 CNAMES (Aliases)  
 Host Points To TTL Actions
 www @ 1 Hour    
 mobilemail mobilemail-v01.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net 1 Hour    
 pda mobilemail-v01.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net 1 Hour    
 email email.secureserver.net 1 Hour    
 imap imap.secureserver.net 1 Hour    
 pop pop.secureserver.net 1 Hour    
 ftp @ 1 Hour    
 webmail webmail.secureserver.net 1 Hour    
 e email.secureserver.net 1 Hour    
 MX (Mail Exchange)  
 Priority Host Goes To TTL Actions
 0 @ myrapadocs.com 1 Hour  Pending Removal
 0 @ smtp.secureserver.net 1 Hour    
 10 @ mailstore1.secureserver.net

On my WI I deleted my site in hopes I can create a new site and it would work, however when I try to create a new site I get these errors.

The specified value is not a valid URL. The URL must be in a format http://<server>/<sitepath>/reloadConfiguration.aspx

The CSG was installed and below is the diagnostic report:
Version = 3.1.0

Configuration captured on: 5/12/2009 12:14:41 PM

Secure Gateway Global Settings
  Version = 3.1.0
  Product secured = Citrix XenApp only
  Logging level =  2 (Warning, errors and fatal events)
  Client connection timeout =  100 seconds
  Maximum concurrent connections =  250
  Certificate FQDN = *.myrapadocs.com


  All interfaces ( : 443)
    Protocol = SSL, TLS
    Cipher suites = ALL
    Secured = Yes
    HTTP = No
    ICA = Yes
    SOCKS = Yes
    Gateway Client = No
    LoadBalancerIPs = None defined

Web Interface
  FQDN = localhost
  Port = 80
  Secured = No
  Protocol = SSL, TLS
  Cipher suites = ALL
  Access mode = Indirect
  Tested OK

Authority Servers

  ID = STA362CE7A8D924
    Port = 8080
    Path = /Scripts/CtxSTA.dll
    Type = STA
    Secured = No
    Protocol = SSL, TLS
    Cipher suites = ALL
    Tested OK

Certificate Check
  FQDN = *.myrapadocs.com
  This certificate is currently valid.


Not sure what i'm doing wrong. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Jaime Campos
Jaime Campos
1 Solution
Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
Figured out that I had to remove SSL certificate and reinstall after site was created.

I still can not connect to it even after modifying host file.


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