Stop browser hijackers on windows 2003 terminal server

I am currently running Symantec Antivirus Corp Edition version 10 on a Windows 2003R2 Terminal Server.  no other spyware / defender running.  Twice now I have had a users session on the terminal server get infected with one of those "Personal Virus Protection look alikes that wants you to purchase their software to remove their malware.
What would be a good, low resource usage program that I can purchase that will stop these malware's / hijackers from getting on the terminal server from a terminal server session.
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gilgetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well then this is gona hurt, believe me.

hmm, you wil need the full package.

get yourself a firewall with a trendmicro module or something similar. this will scan for threads in the code but you also have blacklists etc.... this helps a lot.
also get yourself an antivirus that includes spyware detection.

but realy mate, you will always run into trouble like this- for sure.

well your best possible way to do this is dont allow IE to access the internet but only your local network on the terminal server.

but if you cant do this for some reason. you can get either or Spybot S&D (Opensource).
they both have a plugin that will real-time scan the registry for any suspicious thing happening.

personally i would suggest using spywareterminator, cause there the realtime scanner is more simple to understand and handle.
I prefer adaware from lavasoft or spysweeper from webroot
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detection rate of lavasoft is not as good as it was once anymore.

Andres PeralesCommented:
Get a web filter...websense is expensive, but OpenDNS is free...give that a try... it will also provide you with stats and the easy as point your clients dns to their servers.
BFanguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments, but how do these work with Terminal Servers.  i.e. does it load into memory for each different user (sometime i have up to 50 users on one terminal server) or does it load once and monitor as each user accesses the internet.
BFanguyAuthor Commented:
peralesa,  i have cyblock as a proxy / web filter and they still get hijacked...
well, realy, I would not suggest on using the tools on your termianl sever, cause this has some disadvantages:

1. most of them will be loaded into memory per user
2. users might make a wrong decision on a question of those tools and then a service that you need gets dissallowed.

dont do this

is it realy no possibility for you to turn off INTERNET access on the terminal server?
why would they need it anyway? accessing the INTRANET should be enough, cause they can access the internet on their local machine.
BFanguyAuthor Commented:
no local machine access - thin clients.
BFanguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help
no offence.
i would realy realy suggest you to turn of INTERNET access. or to limit it to only websites that are realy needed.
if you just open the websites you know and that are trusted, then you should be fine too (not 100% but lets say 99.9%).

all the best
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