Set up VPN for user in the Cisco firewall

I have a cisco firwall ASA 5510.
I have a user that needs to remote from home to the office.
In order to achieve that, do I need to copy a file from the firewall to a flash drive then for him to copy it to his computer at home?
Or do I need first to install a VPN software in the ASA firewall and create a file for the user?

Never done that. How does it work?

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What do you mean "copy a file"? You can use Cisco VPN Client (install software), also you can use WebVPN (clientless technology).
jskfanAuthor Commented:
<<<You can use Cisco VPN Client (install software), >>>
Do you have a link on how to set up this on the firewall?
jskfanAuthor Commented:
what software do you give a user to install in his computer? and  where do you copy it from?
Users must install Cisco VPN Client. It can be downloaded from a site, restricted access. Only for service agreements. Or you can search it in internet.
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