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I am running CM 6.1 with 2811 gateways, each with a PRI installed. How do I see how many channels are in use at any given time? Is there a reporting tool that will give me statistics? I tried to do a "show isdn status" and it tells me there are no active calls (even when I know that calls are in progress). It is also telling me that Q.931 is backhauled to CCM Manager. Layer 3 output may not apply.
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The RTMT is available to you from the Call Manager plugins page
Are you using MGCP gateways or H.323 gateways?
If MGCP, the CM reporting tools should tell you active calls.
Else did you try "show voice call summ"
centricCAuthor Commented:
I have both, mostly MGCP but 1 H323 that goes to my fax server. Where do I find the CM reporting tools?
cmaohioSenior Systems ManagerCommented:
There are some command-line commands to do it on the gateway itself. I would love to know those commands. I was told once over the phone but didn't write it down.
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