stupid question

I am doing some stuff in php.
I am a java guy, but the php has been going swimmingly

except i am stumped

    $usingNewCssStuff = false;
    if ( $UserSiteInfo->$layout > 0 ){
        $usingNewCssStuff = true;
    print "-->usingNewCssStuff[".$usingNewCssStuff."]<BR>";

The print out is always []

can someone please explain.

It has to bee something stupid


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Roger BaklundConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I often do this with the ternary operator (?:), like this:
print "-->usingNewCssStuff[".($usingNewCssStuff?'true':'false')."]<BR>";

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ycTINConnect With a Mentor Commented:
boolean variable is invisible in html

you need some function to convert it


    $usingNewCssStuff = false;
    if ( $UserSiteInfo->$layout > 0 ){
        $usingNewCssStuff = true;
    print "-->usingNewCssStuff[".var_export($usingNewCssStuff,true)."]<BR>";

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BrianMMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just a quick observation... if layout is a property of an object...  it should be accessed as;

$UserSiteInfo->layout       --- no $
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