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Visual Basic, extract Lotus Notes email attachments

Hi There,

I have found that since moving to late binding the attached VB code no longer extracts the filename of attachments in a Lotus Notes client email.  Please note that this is a client tool (not a domino server tool)

Even though the attachments are processed correctly, I have found the following line  produces an empty string.
sFileName = domNotesItem.Values(0)

What do I need to do to be able to continue to use late binidng but extract my files correctly.

Thanks in advance.
Set Doc = nv.GetFirstDocument
    Do While (Not (Doc Is Nothing))
        iCount = iCount + 1
        If Len(Doc.NoteID) & Doc.NoteID = sMessageId Then
            sSubject = Doc.GetItemValue("subject")(0)
            sText = Doc.GetItemValue("Body")(0)
            sAttachedFileNames = ""
            'Extract all items.
            For Each domattachment In Doc.Items
                Set domNotesItem = domattachment
                If domNotesItem.Type = 1084 Then
                    'OK!!!!! We have the file, lets extract it and create our string
                    sFileName = domNotesItem.Values(0)
                    sAttachmentFiles = sAttachmentFiles & sFileName & "|"
                    Call Doc.GetAttachment(sFileName).ExtractFile(sTempFilename)
                    sAttachmentPaths = sAttachmentPaths & sTempFilename & "|"
                End If
            sMessageId = Len(Doc.NoteID) & Doc.NoteID
            ReadMessage = "SUCCESS"
            GoTo EXITFUNCTION
        End If
        Set Doc = nv.GetNextDocument(Doc)

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1 Solution
I have to guess a bit here, because I don't know the intricacies of using Lotus Notes, but it might be that either:

1) the default accessor (method/property) is not called, you can try it with .Item(index) (but that's only true if it is not an array but a collection of some sort)
2) the Values collection contains empty data, you check in debug env. using Immediate Window
3) or your method is wrong, but I can't tell. Check this: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Office_Productivity/Office_Suites/Lotus_SmartSuite/Lotus_Notes/Q_20809433.html#9834399, it may reveal some info I don't have.

otherwise, there are some excellent people around at Lotus Notes, who may be able to help further.
Ok, my mistake, I should RTFM before posting. From the documentation of Lotus Notes it gives (quote):

For text, number, date-time items, and attachments this property always returns an array, even when there is only a single value in the item. If you know the item contains only a single value, access the first element in the array, which is at index 0. If you know the item contains multiple values, but you don't know how many, iterate over the array using the Forall statement. For attachments, the attachment name can be passed to the GetAttachment method in NotesDocument. This property returns the same value(s) for an item as the GetItemValue method in NotesDocument.
you may want to try the GetItemValue method, perhaps it returns more?

And from that previous link at EE that I posted, I understand that you should be able to do the following, which might work as an alternative method, quote:

Use notesDocument.getFirsttem("$File"), which is the object reference data.  The returned notesItem has property notesIte.text, which will be the file name.  There can be multiple $File items, so delete each one after you process its correspodning getAttachment, by using notesItem.remove.  As long as you don't notesDocument.save, it will have no lasting effect, but will allow you to try to get .getFirstItem("$File") again (returning the next $File instead of the same one again)

-- Abel --
Yet another alternative, which is originates from that same thread, is this: using NotesSession.Evaluate and @AttachmentNames on the NotesDocument
jcwiatrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  I used the s.Evaluate("@AttachmentNames",Doc) option.
thanks for the follow-up & pts, glad it works.
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