Firewall: which ASA equivalent to Pix 525 ? Need failover plan advisary

Dear all,

I plan to set up Failover ASA Firewall,vpn , which will use ASA 5510 but also want to know what is the equivalent to PIX525?
Can you re comments how many switch would required to do this ? what is the right model ?

If possible please share me the good practical solution, layout ...etc .


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SimWhiteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PIX 525 have cleartext throughput up to 330 Mbps, concurrent connections 280000, simultaneous VPN tunnels 2000
ASA 5520 firewall throughput      up to 450 Mbps, concurrent sessions 280000, IPsec VPN Peers 750
ASA 5540 firewall throughput      up to 650 Mbps, concurrent sessions      400000, IPsec VPN Peers 5000
ikhmerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply!
Could you advise me on the 2nd question or guide me to other link ?

Best regards,
I don't correctly understand a question. How many switches required for a what? ;)
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ikhmerAuthor Commented:
Dear SimWhit,

I wonder if i need to care about backup switch ? i wish to have physical connection layout for the secure and reliable firewall, vpn .


Johneil1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
maybe this pic will help
ikhmerAuthor Commented:
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