SUID issue

i am trying to understand a basic about SUID
i want to run a script to copy file to a directory which owned by root
files will be copied from directory one to myroot directory.
permission of my root is as follows :
[root@/]# ls -l  | grep myroot
drwxr-xr-x   2 root   root    4096 May 13 12:51 myroot
the script permission is as follows :
[root@ /]# ls -l
-rwsrwxrwx 1 root root 30 May 13 12:51
so i have sent suid to root, chmod u+s
now i am trying to run this script as normal user, but its unable to copy file in myroot directory as its saying permission denyed

but as a rule, if i set suid , so the script should run as Root previliges, then why still its unable to copy ??
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The link above is a bit misleading. The article mainly deals with a 'what if ...' scenario (what if setuid was possible with shell scripts).
Here is another, maybe better thingy -
the Linux kernel will not honour the setuid bit on shell scripts, as this could be a  major security issue!
setuid is only honoured with binaries.
yusuf01Author Commented:

by binaries you meant, programm such as sendmail or user defined program written by C or something like that??

then what about thsi article

every where its saying "shell script"
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With 'binaries' I mean compiled code. Sorry for not having been clear enough.
OK, it seems that I am right, since your script doesn't run as expected, does it?
Maybe there are Unix'es around which allow setuid for scripts, but I am not aware of any.
You could circumvent your problem either by using 'sudo' to start the script or by writing a small wrapper in C around the script employing 'popen' or 'execl' or 'system'.
yusuf01Author Commented:
you could be right, i just read for mandrive , it does not support script to use suid...

but its wired , every example in web for suid is showing for script, i never seen any site is saying that suid does not support sciprt ....

yusuf01Author Commented:
let me come back from launch, then will read that link
yusuf01Author Commented:
yes the 2nd link is realy good
thanks to share information with me.
i will close this question now
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