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Microsoft SMS 2003, Setting up and deploying packages (basic help)

I've come into an environment where they have an SMS 2003 installation, but it seems to have never been implemented 100% (there are a few packages that seem to be for testing).

I am new to SMS, and need a bit of guidance, here is what I have done:

-Obtained a 7zip MSI.
-Placed MSI on a network share (permissiosn are domain admin access only)

1. Create Collection
-Created a new collection in SMS named 7zip.
-Clicked the "Query Rule Properties" button (yellow), on the "Membership Rules" tab for the collection.
-Named the Query Rule "7zip" and chose "User Group Resource" for the Resource Class.
-Clicked "Edit Query Statement" and switched to the Criteria tab.
-Clicked the yellow star button to open the Criterion Properties general tab.
--Criterion Type: Simple value
--Where: User Group Resource - User Group Name
---Attribute Class: User Group Resource
---Alias as: <No Alias>
---Attribute: User Group Name
--Operator: is equal to
--Value: 7zip

2. Created Group
-Created a new security group in AD named 7zip.
-Added my user account "jdoe" to the security group.

3. Created "Package From Definition"
-Right clicked Pagage, went to "New>Package From Definition"
-Browsed to and selected the 7zip MSI file, "Igor Pavlov" showed as publisher, "7-Zip 4.65" showed as name under "Package definition".
-Source File> Chose "This package does nto contain any files" (THIS MAY BE WRONG..?)

4. Created Advertisment
Name: 7zip
Package: Igor Pavlov &-Zip 4.65.......
Program: Per-user attended
Collection: 7zip

When I log into a computer as the user "jdoe" I would expect either 7zip installation to launch automatically, or for it to appear in "Add-Remove Programs" under "Add New Programs".

What am I missing here? Do I need to configure group policy to use SMS or something?


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2 Solutions

First you need to include the files in your package. Right click on your package - properties - data source and change the setting.
Then you have to distribute your packages to a distribution point.

If you want the application to install  automatically set it to mandatory in your advertisement.

Hope that helps,


Ulf M.
bradl3yAuthor Commented:
Once set up properly, the advertisment should show in "Add Remove Programs", under the "Add New Program" section right? Where currently it says "No programs are available on the network"?

Ok, I've added the distribution point (the SMS server itself, the only one listed).

I chose to include the source file directory, and pointed it to the directory with the MSI file.

I changed my collection to include a resource by netbios name, entered the name of the PC, it listed the PC and i checked the box to include the PC in the collection.

I changed the advertisement to use the "per-system attended" program rather than the "per-user attended". These were both already existing programs (created by default?).

The command for "per-system attended" is :

msiexec.exe ALLUSERS=2 /m MSI5JDA0 /i "7z465.msi"

I have tried rebooting again, tried a gpupdate /force (not sure if this is neccisary), and am still getting "No programs are available on the network"

Any ideas? Do i need to configure the domain client in any way to look for these advertisments? Do i need to install the SMS client on the client PC?

Adam LeinssSenior Desktop EngineerCommented:
I believe "Add New Program" is based off of GPOs, not SCCM.
To run SCCM based programs, you would use the "Run Advertised Program" applet in the Control Panel.
The adveristment would also need to set to "Allow users to run program independently of assignments" to show up in RAP.
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bradl3yAuthor Commented:
I do not have a "Run Advertised Program" at all in Control Panel. I am running SMS 2003, not SCCM, not sure if it would be the same.

Is the SMS Advanced Client required for SMS deployment?
bradl3yAuthor Commented:
I've installed the SMS Advanced client by running the client.msi located on SMS server CIFS share for the site. I now have a "Run Advertised Programs" icon in control panel, however, when i launch it there are no programs listed.

I noticed this server was not previously enabled as a Management point, so i enabled this role on the SMS server. Still no programs in "Run Advertised Programs".
Adam LeinssSenior Desktop EngineerCommented:
Is the client even registered to your MP?  Check C:\windows\system32\ccm\logs\ClientIDManager.log.
I would suggest picking up a book on SMS from Amazon.  The MS Press books are pretty good. SMS is not just something you can wing by trial and error.  Well, you can I guess...until the VP's laptop reboots while he's working on a document :)
bradl3yAuthor Commented:
The LocationServices.log file shows what you are referring to (I think):

Current AD site of machine is: (my site name)
Retreived local Management Point from AD: (SMS server name)

For both local management point and proxy MP.

I have found the following error in the execmgr.log: <![LOG[Software Distribution Site Settings for the client are missing from WMI.]LOG]!>

I have checked that it is set as "Use this site system as a distribution point" in Site Settings>Site Systems

I found a "ClientIDMAnagerStartup.log" file, but do not see any references to registering with the MP.

I will be doing some reading, but i'd like to do a little hands on approach to see how things work first. I'm not too worried about disruption, they don't current use SMS and i am only testing with a very specific collection containing my test accounts/test computers.
Adam LeinssSenior Desktop EngineerCommented:

You should see something like this:
RegTask: Client is not registered. Sending registration request... ClientIDManagerStartup 5/13/2009 8:02:47 AM 1848 (0x0738)
RegTask: Client registration is pending. ClientIDManagerStartup 5/13/2009 8:02:48 AM 1848 (0x0738)
RegTask: Client is pending registration. Sending confirmation request... ClientIDManagerStartup 5/13/2009 8:02:48 AM 1848 (0x0738)
RegTask: Client is pending registration. Sending confirmation request... ClientIDManagerStartup 5/13/2009 8:03:48 AM 1848 (0x0738)
RegTask: Client is registered. ClientIDManagerStartup 5/13/2009 8:03:48 AM 1848 (0x0738)

And in the SMS console, the client should show "Client Installed = Yes"
bradl3yAuthor Commented:
I see no lines like that in any of the log files (tried searching for "RegTask", "Client is not registered")..

I did find when running the MP Troubleshooter there were errors on two things:

Verify Default Website Is Running ( Solution: Cannot create ActiveX component. )

If the MP is W2k3: Verify that Background Intelligent Transfer Service is enabled. ( Solution: Cannot create ActiveX component. )

Thanks for your help thus far.
Have you enabled the Advertised Programs Client Agent. You find it under Site management - site code - site settings - client agents?

After you enabled it, update the machine policy on your client.
bradl3yAuthor Commented:
Yes i did try that.

I think there was quite a bit wrong with the install. For one the previous IT person set this machine up as a domain controller. I removed the DC role from the machine, removed SMS, IIS, and SQL, and started from scratch. Things are now working somewhat as I expected, I have successfully deployed a package to a test client. I am still running into some problems here and there, but I am going to award points for this one as the two of you have been helpful in troubleshooting.
bradl3yAuthor Commented:
I will be posting a few separate related questions after this, each with a specific error/prolem i am running in to, so please keep an eye out for those if you are interested.

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