Making my Netgear router just an access point and switch

i am having a hardtime w/ my setting up my netgear wnr834b as only an accesspoint and a switch.  My netgear router is wnr834b

My setup is currently:
Modem (DMZ'd) ---> linux firewall (w/ DHCP server) ---> netgear wnr834b ---> 1 wired machine & 2 wireless

What I am looking for is to make my netgear only used as a wireless accesspoint and a switch.  I dont want to use its dhcp server or its firewall I cannt to seem to get it to work.

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inbox788Connect With a Mentor Commented:
DDWRT may be your answer:

You're in luck that your router is supported and here are instructions relating to WAP setup:
hey you just connect your linux firewall to one of the switch ports of the netgear (instead of using the internet port)
yoz_manAuthor Commented:
how will that work with wireless then? I tried that and couldnt get it to work
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If you have 2 public ip address, use it, use it on your linux box[external only], use it on your [wan port] "RANGEMAX WIRELESS-N ROUTER

I you only have 1 ip address, you must have 2 ethernet device, the other is for the [public/external], and the other is for [internal/local - of which the router wan is attach]

well my solution would have worked if your netgearbox was able of dhcp relaying and you were able to switch off the build in dhcp server. but i've forgot that not every home ap is able to do that. the only thing comming in my mind right now is to use the dhcp from the ap instead of the firewall or configure it at least to lease addresses from the same scope like your firewall. the wireless clients and shitchports of the ap have leyer 2 connectivity between eachother (they are automaticaly bridged from the ap) so you basicaly could achive your goal just by twaking your dhcp server.
An alternative is that you can disable DHCP on your Linksys router, then simply use it as a switch by using the switch ports on it (and not use the WAN port).  I do this in a similar setup with a Linux firewall and a WRT54GL and it works great.  You may want to also set the IP address of the Linksys router to a static one incase you want to get back in and manage it later.

Good luck,
yoz_manAuthor Commented:
changing over the firmware did help and i was able to accomplish what i wanted..ty
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