Netgear WNR834B v2 wont respond after DD-WRT firmware update

I recently flashed my Netgear WNR834B v2 wireless N router with the DD-WRT firmware for more advanced functionality and instead got NO functionality.
I can ping my router's default gateway but cannot connect to it.  I tried TFTPing to it but no luck.
Is there any way to revert back to the Netgear firmware or am I looking at a Netgear box only useful as a brick?
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ggeorgiou7Author Commented:
Thanks guys...I figured it out.  As it turns out, i installed the firmware designed to be TFTP'd in the actual Netgear GUI and should have uploaded via TFTP initially.

I re-installed firmware using TFTP and now DD-WRT works great :)
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
No it can serve as a paper press too :)

If you can ping it then ther may still be light on it did you try to telnet? or just TFTP? Try to reset it an try to reach via telnet.
i had brutal luck doing the upgrade as well. I cant remember does this model have a console port into it like wg302? If it does you can boot it up. hit ctl c and it will allow you to setup a tftp server and load the original netgear firmware on. If it doesn't its starting to load the dd-wrt software but failing somewhere in the config after the interface ip is set. it may look for a tftp server image file but you will need to check documentation of dd-wrt website for this.
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