2003 enterprise CA smart card enrolment error

Trying to enroll smart cards on behalf of another usrers and I am stuck.

Whenever I am trying to issue smartcard on behalf of another user I got error prompt:
1. "please insert the user's smart card" with info below

2. An unexpected error occurred. Error: Please insert the user's smart card.

No errors in event viewer on either workstation not CA, No certificate request reaches CA.
Has anyone had that problem before and could point me in the right direction please?

 Gemplus gemSAFE Card CSP,
 Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider installed on client and CA
 Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition
AD integrated Issuing CA function
Cart type: GemPlus v2 smart card (its definitely not v3 by gemlto)
User has rights to read/enroll on certificate templates.
-Card reader drivers installed, can access certificate on smart card using GemSAFE tools, Gemplus SmartDiag v2.0 returns Passed the reader and the card it contains are OK
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Rafal_MituraAuthor Commented:
little update:
I had gemalto involved and our global IT dept. I find out that gemplus smart cards I was trying to use are locked down. Organization who provided them for us this time locked them down so only their CA can write certificates on the cards.
Historical (few years back) we got hold of non locked batch unfortunately very few left and over the time chip is getting corrupted.
Thanks for your help.
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
What OS is running on the enrollment station?  If vista, see if you can do it on XP instead - its less of a headache getting the certsrv page to work in xp or 2003 than vista.

Have you tried with card already inserted and also without the card inserted (insert card when prompted)?  With card already in, you can try leaving it logged out of the card and also after logging into the card via the gemplus utilities.
Rafal_MituraAuthor Commented:
enrollment agent satiation is XP SP3 with enrollment agent (user not computer)
used to put card when it prompts for it (after selecting smart card user), I also checked it with
yes I tried your suggestions with no luck so far.

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ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
I would suggest reinitializing the card using the vendor software then trying again, or trying another batch of cards if available.

Also, if you have not done a cold boot, I would suggest doing that as well - when powered off, try reseating the reader.

If you have multiple readers, try using only one instead and if that doesn't work try the other.

Otherwise, I would suggest contacting gemalto and seeing if they have product updates that you can get that might help out.  They may also be able to help diagnosing by instructing you how to enable logging for their middleware and assist in reading the logs to determine the specific cause.
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
If you have another workstation you can use for enrollment station, try using that to help narrow down possibilities.

If you haven't rebooted the CA in awhile, maybe it might be time for that as well.  Can also try cycling cert services and/or IIS w3 services.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
This seems like the smartcard CSP is not working properly. You may want to look at below:
a) Debugging version for CSP so that it can cough out debug log for their analysis

b) Do you have test harness that can check access to smartcard with PIN authentication, if not can it do window domain login using the gemalto smartcard

c) In device mgr, how many smartcard readers are installed? You may want to disable the rest of the reader leaving one reader for testing - sometimes the CSP do not enumerate properly (assuming card presence event though it is not there hence not going to other reader), especially for those called token (it is reader and card in single h/w)

d) Can try out certreq and cerutil commandline that are handy for testing as well as serving your need. Check out the links below:
- Use certreq.exe with a smartcard enrollment agent: http://blogs.msdn.com/spatdsg/archive/2005/02/12/371595.aspx
- More on Certreq: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc736326(WS.10).aspx
- Certutil comes handy to get input parameters you need for certreq

Hope it helps
Rafal_MituraAuthor Commented:
thanks for suggestions,
there is just 1 smart card reader in device manager

so far:
1. I restarted workstation/CA after every single change I made
2. tried it on 2 different card readers
3. contacted gemalto and waiting for their respond.

in the meantime will:
-try different PC as enrollment agent (possibly with xp SP2)
-have play with certutil/certreq
-produce csp debug log

ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
How are things going on this issue?
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
Wow - you should ask for a refund and just get the cards straight from gemalto.  Subvendors of smartcards do too many crazy things too often and you end up with half a product (software or card) if you're lucky.  Who wants a CA specific card for smartcard logon?  Maybe if you had a tool to declare your own CA... even that I would be annoyed by in most cases.
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