Siebel Web Client causes slow boot


I am starting with a fresh install of XP SP2. PC is on a domain. I can login user after user just fine. Then I install Siebel Web Client 8.0 and any user I login as slow boots, about 5-6 minutes and then doesn't process the netlogon script. I log the user off and log back in, netlogon scripts process just fine and this process takes a normal amount of time. So there must be something in the boot process killing this. I noticed in the ntbtlog file that all the drivers stop loading after MUP.sys but I know that may be coincidence. Also, Add/Remove programs uninstall of Siebel brings the PC back to normal boot times and netlogon script gets processed. I've been working this issue for about two weeks now.
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BigSchmuhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you try to disable the "Siebel Quickstart Service" service ?
mstngdanny72Author Commented:
I did not...I will try that and let you know. I swear that I went through services however looking for anything Siebel related and didn't find anything. I will try again. Thanks for the reply.
mstngdanny72Author Commented:
Thank you. It worked. Here's the deal. I saw it in there and the service was listed as Automatic but it was never running, so I thought it to be harmless. Clearly, it wasn't. When I disabled it, I restarted the PC about  5-10 times using different logins and it came right up.

I've been working on this over 4 weeks and clearly sometimes it's the most simplest solution that eludes us...

Thanks for your help again.
mstngdanny72Author Commented:
Thanks again. Well worth the points.
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