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We are working through an application in VS 2008 with C++ and have a couple of strange issues that are occurring.  One is  that when we open a header file and try to Right Click to get the context menu the hourglass of death comes up and the application stops responding.  We have to use the kill box and start it over before we can work again.  
Also, the Class Diagram does not update when we change a property in the header file.  For example if we change mfields to metafields it never updates on the class diagram.  It remains mfields no matter what we do.  Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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itsmeandnobodyelseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>>> So, I will have him cleanup the Debug and Release folder.  

The most important temporary files are in project folder, especially the .ncb file.

He should make it really clean of any file having a younger timestamp than the begin of the current build.
AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
VS2008 seems to have a number of bugs - make certain you have the latest service pack installed.  
bergm57Author Commented:
We have it up to SP1  are there other updates that you are aware of?  How do you ever know you have the latest?
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
>>We have it up to SP1  are there other updates that you are aware of?  

>>How do you ever know you have the latest?
Look at the msdn site occasionally, look in e-zines.  (I don't know of a way to get the release information of SP's sent directly)
Are you working with some versioning system? Or is the drive you were working on is a network drive?

If the first you never should check-in some temporary (like .ncb file) or user-specific (like .suo) files. These hardly will work if checked-in by one user and checked-out by another one even if they were using the same machine. So, only sources, .rc, .vcproj, .sln  should be under source control but nothing else.

You also should get rid of all temporaries some time. That is all other than the ones you put under source control, especially .ncb, .aps, .pch, .pdb, .ilk, and more. Also delete both Debug folder and Release Folder occasionally. Even the .suo file (hidden file) would be newly created when missing. You might move it to another folder to check whether it was the cause for your issues and move it back if not.

If the issues don't were solved, but only were with one project but not with all, you might rename your current project and folder,and create a new one from the scratch best by using a template project. Delete and remove the generated sources beside of the project file .vcproj. Move all sources from old project folder to new one and add them to the new project. Always check whether the problems didn't arise again after each step.
bergm57Author Commented:
Hi thanks for commenting. We are not using a versioning system. I have 1 programmer working on a project on his desktop.  So, I will have him cleanup the Debug and Release folder.  Move the .suo and try it then.  
bergm57Author Commented:
That took care of our issues. Thank you.  We cleared the temps and it is back to normal. We appreciate you for sharing your expertise.
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