Printing to HP ColorLaserJet 3600 via RWW on SBS2003

I'm working on an issue where a remote user has a HP Color Laser Jet 3600 connected to their XP machine.  The user is connecting back to the office via RWW on SBS2003.  They are able to access the Office PC, but the printer doesn't autoconnect to the Office PC.  Other printers on the remote computer do appear on the Office PC.  

I came across a note regarding the HP Universal Print Driver.  Should I look to use it for this need?  
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jtcomstockConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem resvolved by restarting remote system.  Printer then auto populated to server and office workstation.  

Thanks for the help.  
Check the event log on the host (office) PC for errors - probably all that's needed is to install LaserJet 3600 drivers on the PC in the office, if so it will say in the event log.
jtcomstockAuthor Commented:
No points awarded since the issue was revolved locally.
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