Create Organization fails

We've moved our Dynamics deployment to the production server and now want to create a
new organization for testing purposes on the development server.
When I run the New Organization wizard i get this error:

Error| Create new Organization (Name=BigSky,
Id=3a238cdc-773f-de11-81d3-000d9d4d28a8) failed with Exception:
System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by
the target of an invocation. --->
System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException (0x80072037): There is
a naming violation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80072037)

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Biffster007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmmm...I've never seen this before.

I know it's extreme but worst case scenario, you could always uninstall and re-install CRM on the Dev server but it's not really getting to the bottom of the problem.

Try disabling the current organisation first then creating a new one.


Where is this error being displayed to you?

marknicksAuthor Commented:
A brief description is displayed in a dialog with a link to the complete log file which contains the detail of all activity including this error.
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So, you've moved your previous CRM implementation from your development server to a production server?

Does the current CRM implementation still work on the dev server?

Do you have an enterprise version of CRM on the dev server that allows you to have multiple organisations on the server?

Were you trying to create the new CRM system with a different unique name?

marknicksAuthor Commented:
All true.
Moved previous implementation
It still works on old server as well as on new server
Installed Workgroup version of CRM so I get a message that the existing deployment will be disabled after creating the new organization.  When this occurred on the new server, the old organization was in fact deleted after the new one was created.

I am created the new organization with a different unique name.

I did wonder if the error was caused by using the workgroup version rather than enterprise.  But since it worked once when I moved the deployment, I don't think that is the cause.

My guess is an AD-related issue.  But I am not sure how to approach it.
Are they different AD domains or the same?
Different SQL Servers I would presume.

So the organization that was in DEV is now working in PROD (and DEV)
And you are creating a new organization in DEV (not Importing)?

Back to AD, you should have to sets of CRM Groups, yes?

marknicksAuthor Commented:
They are in the same domain
Each server has its own SQL Server.

The organization that was in DEV is now working in both PROD and DEV
Creating a new organization in DEV - not importing

I actually have three sets of CRM groups - not sure why.

PrivReportingGroup {1a9c91d7-adc9-4971-ba5c-cb3a2b22aa4a}
PrivReportingGroup {69e4050b-7217-4d6b-82d9-3d14cf2f91d5}
PrivReportingGroup {6effe794-274a-4694-b8c0-7c3f32ee1c6d}
PrivUserGroup {1a9c91d7-adc9-4971-ba5c-cb3a2b22aa4a}      
PrivUserGroup {69e4050b-7217-4d6b-82d9-3d14cf2f91d5}      
PrivUserGroup {6effe794-274a-4694-b8c0-7c3f32ee1c6d}      
ReportingGroup {1a9c91d7-adc9-4971-ba5c-cb3a2b22aa4a}
ReportingGroup {69e4050b-7217-4d6b-82d9-3d14cf2f91d5}
ReportingGroup {6effe794-274a-4694-b8c0-7c3f32ee1c6d}      
SQLAccessGroup {1a9c91d7-adc9-4971-ba5c-cb3a2b22aa4a}      
SQLAccessGroup {69e4050b-7217-4d6b-82d9-3d14cf2f91d5}      
SQLAccessGroup {6effe794-274a-4694-b8c0-7c3f32ee1c6d}      
UserGroup {1a9c91d7-adc9-4971-ba5c-cb3a2b22aa4a}      
UserGroup {69e4050b-7217-4d6b-82d9-3d14cf2f91d5}      
UserGroup {6effe794-274a-4694-b8c0-7c3f32ee1c6d}      
Probably from a failed attempt to install at some point.

Did you try disabling the existing organization in the Deployment Manager before the New as Biffster recommended?

Make the name as simple as possible like Test?
marknicksAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have attempted both of those suggestions without success.
I suppose my next step is to reinstall Dynamics.

Though another option would be to change the name of the existing organization which is still working and delete the existing data.
When you import an organization and it removes the old one, it doesn't remove the database.  A. could that be your problem and B. could you use the database from Prod (the one that represented the removed org, is that one blank?) you could import that one?
marknicksAuthor Commented:
I haven't imported but instead am creating a new organization.  I get the warning that the existing organization will be disabled after creating the new one.  In my previous experience moving it to the PROD server, that is what happened.

marknicksAuthor Commented:
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