Am i on a blacklist and how do i get removed from it?

554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using;

I am getting this when i try to send a mail
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Yes you are probably black listed.

Go to start>run>cmd
and type 'ipconfig' to find your IP address

then go here and input it to make sure you are on the list.

They should give you instructions to remove your IP if you were black listed.
One quick thing, I've run into this before when a friend was setting up his domain email address from godaddy hosting when he didn't configure outlook 2007 correctly. After 5 minutes of a walk through with Godaddy support on how to setup Outlook 07, the problem was solved.

This could also be the issue.
For part of your problem, the solution may be to go into your email, (I am not sure what email you are using, so this is for Outlook...)  go to tools> accounts>properties>view or change> change>more settings>outgoing mail server tab and put a check beside "my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"...
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jonathanduane08Author Commented:
Thanks Ken, i have tried that, i went to spamhaus and it said that my domain name was sending out email bots!
You probably have a virus then.

Download/Install/Run AVG free from here.

Clean off your viruses and they'll take you off the blacklist.

In the meantime you should probably create and use an online email like gmail or yahoo.
It seems as you have a nasty (-ies) in your computer...
There are a few free online scans that you may want to try first, as many nasties know how to disarm antivirus that are installed on your box...

I would run a couple of these and then consider upgrading your AV that you use...
As mentioned Avg is good.  Another consistantly top rated free antivirus is Avira.

If you want to learn about AV's and which one is "best" for in the wild, in the current time, take a read here...

If this doesn't solve it, post back and tomorrow we will open the cabinet and take out the big guns...
Good luck!
jonathanduane08Author Commented:
wasnt quite the solution but it worked
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