I have a Toshiba A205-S5814 and the DVD unit will not read the media.

I have changed tha DVD unit and the same problem exists.  On the origional unit when you try to click on the drive the media is ejected.  On the replacement the DVD unit askes if you want to reformat.  The origional unit is H-L GSA-T20F the replacement unit is Panasonic UJ-850.  The OS is Vista Home Premium.  I have not checked for updates or revisions.  Guess I will while I wait.
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a quick test if it reads cd's and DVD's is booting from a bootable CD /DVD
this does NOT use the OS.
if it can't boot from it, it is bad, or the connection, or mobo (controller)
Have you tried delete filters? It could fix multiple issues with DVD CD:

vic45708Author Commented:
I tried the filters fix from Toshiba.  I found a post that said to try and boot to confirm the drive or OS.  The original unit is DEAD.  The second unit will boot the laptop.

After I ran the filter fix I can open a CD or DVD but the cache will not release and the information [title] from the first media remains on the My Computer.  I played a movie but have not been able to burn a disc.

I also connected an external DVD-RW and was meet with the identical results.  This must be an OS issue.  From what I can tell this unit does not have SP1 as it is not listed in the "Windows Edition" information.

I ran some updates and some of them failed.  I may try an inplace OS install using my SP1 disk.

I will check out the 2 links above.
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vic45708Author Commented:
THE Bottom Line...

This has to be an OS situation.

The Laptop will boot from a bootable CD.

When the laptop is started with a CD inserted the CD Title appears in the "My Computer" folder and you can open it.
When you eject the CD the title remains and does not revert to the standard :DVD RW Drive d:
If you insert a CD after booting the laptop nothing happens ... when you try to open the CD a message appears and askes if you want to format the CD.  The CD I inserted was a Microsoft Vista Disk.

I have ran both filter fixes and have uninstalled everything that could have an adverse effect on the DVD.  The unit now has SP1 installed as well.

I am open for more suggestions.
ok - so it reads CD.
a possible fix, if the problem is recent, is a system restore to a previous date.
you can also try a repair install :http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/tutorial148.html      
vic45708Author Commented:

nobus suggested 2 items that led to the repair.

1. Test the unit with a bootable CD ... this proved the CD/DVD bad.

2. A Repair Install - This did not work as the laptop did not have Start Up problems.

What I did do that I have not found documentation on:
I used a Vista SP1 DVD and installed the OS from within Vista [inplace upgrade] not from a boot up.  This initiated an upgrade and restored settings and files.  I made sure to backup the existing drive prior to repairing and started the upgrade.  As a result the laptop is now working with the replacement drive that I had purchased.

Is there any documentation to preforming an inplace upgrade to reinstall Vista in the maner that I did?
>>  installed the OS from within Vista [inplace upgrade]    <<   cabn you post some details on how you did this?
not sure i understand..
vic45708Author Commented:
1. Make a complete backup of the hard drive
2. Start Vista normally ... not Safe Mode
3. Place Vista DVD SP1 in DVD Tray [I understand that all Vista DVDs are the same - the COA chooses the level of OS]
4. When Vista DVD screen opens ... choose Install
5. Accept all screens and be prepare to enter COA number
6. Allow wizard to complete normally.
7. I do not remember being asked for an option to upgrade ... or clean install.  If it did I would have chosen "Upgrade".

This will upgrade Vista to SP1.  I have been finding circumstances where hardware errors are caused by corupted Updates and once they are broken the only fix is to reinstall Vista.  

I decided to experiment and it worked.  I was hoping that someone else out there has found the same fix, or warn me about not doing it this way

I am not putting this out there as the correct way, just the way that I did it.

What lead to this was ... I used my shop drive and did a clean install.  The clean install proved that the issue that I was facing was OS and not hardware.  I was looking for a way to restore the machine without having to start all over from scratch.
oh i see, an upgrade from vista to SP1 - that's where i lost you
tx for the info !
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