How do I find a specific windows hotfix

I need to find the following hotfixes, but cannot find them on the microsoft website:

 M948496, M953490 , M955280, M959608 and M967327
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Short answer:

Long answer:

Microsoft Hotfixes are named with "Q" names, not "M" names.  There are some online forums (i.e. that appear to be changing the "Q" names to "M" names to encourage subscribing to their service.  Search google for "KB######" or "Q######" or just append the number to the following URL:

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M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
howb do you know if you need to look for a k name or a q name. i would hate to download tyhe wrong hotfix?
The prefix letter ("P" or "KB" are interchangable).  The number is what is important.
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M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
I looked at all the hotfixes. and none of them seem to deal with my problem...

I would hate to add the wrong hotfix...
What is the specific issue you are having?
M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
My server Win 2003 std edition has been hanging and I have to re-boot. I checked the evnt log and found in system that there were application pop up errors. Also, users cannot print to default printers and internet explorer will not connect to a web page, but I can ping the website. Desktop profiles because unavailable becasue of some permissions issue, but the permissions on the folders are OK.

I use Symantec endpoint protection which is updated dialy. No threats seen. Spy bot and Lavasoft show no threats other than some cookies which have been removed.

I uinistalled a bunch of programs that I don't use incl Windows search 4 and the application popup error stopped and the server is not hanging anymore, but all the other issues persist. Not having the ability to connect to a web page is a real problem. this issue is mission critical. To make matters worse my robotic library died two days before these issues began  and the ghost images  of the server I had stored on my Terastation were lost when that device crapped out the day after the tape library died. Bad luck i am having...

Any ideas about IE7? The rest I think I can fix.
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