how to dark the code sourse in VBA

I have created an application with Visual Basic for Application and I would like to protect the sourse code darkening.
do you know me to say how the code can be darkened without considering the password that is normally inserted?
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RimvisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, I think password is the only solution.
Can you please explain by what you mean source code darkening as this is something I have never come across before.

lucamongelluzzi2009Author Commented:
I have realized an application that I have to distribute. I wanted to ask if there was an alternative way to the insertion of the pwd, because for a whole series of motivate I don't absolutely want hand to be put to my code!!!  
don't allow the reading of the code to extraneous.  
I know the possibility to insert a password but they also exist some programs able to notice the access to allow it to extraneous.
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What kind of application is this? Excel? Access?
lucamongelluzzi2009Author Commented:
hesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See here for a good explination of your choices, and details
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