complicated problem for content display pervent

i have a quiz which loads up once user accept the terms and condition but now i want to display a timer before showing the first question
as soon quiz is ready to load it show like counting 5 4 3 2 1 then load the stuff of the page which include questions and answer and another javascript time
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manavsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well, if you might consider using a Progress bar with the text, u may like this... i think..
My first option: JS file is here...
Dont mind the language, see the progress loading of the page.. NO IMAGES PURE CSS...

Other resources:
The lucid examples of jQuery Progress bar samples... if u dont want progress bar.. but only text.. i think u can thnk again... cant u???... :)

well, i would recommend you to use a JS pre-loader which can change the text using the settimeout()...
since i see you use php framework, use a JS library like ExtJS, or jQuery etc. with xAjax to perform exactly the task you want.. :)

mattibuttAuthor Commented:
hi manavsi

i can use jquery but i dont know how i can accomplish this task i am stuck cant think how to begin
mattibuttAuthor Commented:
thanks buddy
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