how to protect a firewall and leaving port 80 on?


I was wondering would be the best way to go about protecting my firewall from hackers and leaving port 80 on as we need that on at all times
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bleech677Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Keep your web server updated - you also have to consider security holes that your website may have open e.g. sql injection from bad programming by you developers. Your firewall my also be able to look at what is coming over the connection by inspection the packets and stop certain things on a blacklist
Better to monitor the traffic... using any HIPS software
This may help...
Hi Jonathan,

By keeping the Port 80 open , do you mean its for inbound access / outbound access or accessing  Firewall as destination. Usually most of the commercial firewalls  have a rule called Stealth Rule, whihc is the FIRST rule above all admin-configured rules that prevents anyone connecting to the Firewall on any port except the trusted hosts ( Moslty Management stations running the Client GUI ).

If your firewall is a any open-source one, you need to put this in place so that only the trusted inside management station has access-to-firewall, and firewall will not process any Traffic with Itself as Destination.

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