Migration from Crsytal Enterprise 10 to BOE 3.1

WE have an existing Business Objects Enterprise 3.1 server(BOE 3.1), where there are Webintelligence as well as Crsytal Reports. I have a Crystal Enterprise 10(CE10) server where there are only crystal reports. I have to import all the reports and the database from CE10 to the BOE 3.1.
Can anyone let me know the procedure to be followed, to migrate from CE10 to an exsting BO3.1 server?

Thanks in Advance
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nani11Author Commented:
I had to use the 'Administrator' acount to get the option to bring in the users also. I was using my user account which is an administrator account. But we need the godly 'Administrator' account to do that
I assume this is BOE XI 3.1?

nani11Author Commented:
Yes this is BOE XI 3.1
The most straightforward approach would be to use the import wizard tool to select the content you want to migrate from your CE 10 environment.  This will pull the reports into your XI3.1 environment and update the backend repository information as necessary.
nani11Author Commented:
I can bring in the objects using the import wizard. The issue is, it does not show me an option to bring in the users and group. Is that something which I need to add/update manually ...
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