ASA & IP Accounting

I know there isn't an exact IP accounting command in the ASA's like there was in the old 1700 series, but I was wondering if there was a similiar command or feature that I can use that will show me each IP address and how much traffic they are generating?

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DonbooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no support in current versions for Netflow, there is only accounting for VPN.

In the new 8.2 Netflow will be supported.
prlitAuthor Commented:
hmmm - if we have a LAN with 30 PC's all behind an ASA - is there a way to see who could be soaking up our bandwidth without sitting there with a packet sniffer?
The ASA has a packet capture feature tha you can use.
prlitAuthor Commented:
Awesome.. Can't wait for 8.2 Thanks for the info.
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