SQL Server database size

When I right click on a database and select properties in the general tab I see that
Size is    6000.00 MB
Available space    0.00 MB.
So what should I do? Any help
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crystal_towerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Autogrowth,,..yes: it is said, that it is recommended to keep 10% for small and medium sized databases, but consider setting sth like 1Gb for large databases.
10% for 100Gb database can render problems, or at least unexpected slow downs.
Do you encounter any problems with this situation?

Maybe try to run
to update the value.

Also, you may consider looking at autogrowth parameter.
Do you maintain the database? (like do you run update stats?)
Either you can set the autgrowth parameter or you can add one more file group to the database to increase the size of the database.
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If you have autogrowth enabled for this database then you don't need to worry about the available space as it will acquire more space as needed. If you don't have autogrowth enabled, then you will need to go into the properties of the database and under files, change the initial size of the database to whatever size you think the database may expand to. Ultimately, I would recommend you switch to unrestricted growth under the autogrowth column so you don't have to keep going back and adjusting the size of the database. Once that is enabled, you will have to monitor your drive space to make sure you don't run out.
Hemantgiri S. GoswamiModerator - MSDN ForumsCommented:
Hi Aatish,
What is the problem you are facing here!!  Is your server runing out of space!!  With autogrow enabled (w/o restriction, limitation) your database will grow and occupy the space from the Operating system as and when it needs.
Hemantgiri S. Goswami
aatishpatelAuthor Commented:
no the  disk space is a bit ok but i just saw that available size is 0.00 Mb and was worried
aatishpatelAuthor Commented:
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