CSV items to multiline textbox in VB.NET

I am using Visual Studio 2008. I am trying to take a line of comma separated items and send them to a multiline textbox.  For example "1,2,3,4" would appear in the textbox as:


I would like to do this in a For Each or For Next statement.
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RyanAndresConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This code allows you to manipulate each line. If this is not what you're looking for please provide a sample input and expected output.

Dim str As String = "1,2,3,4"
Dim lines As String() = str.Split(","c)
Dim output As New StringBuilder()
For Each line As String In lines
txtFirstName.Text = output.ToString()

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Walter RitzelSenior Software EngineerCommented:
If you dont have the comma as a valid char for each value, you can try something like this:

Dim formatedValue as String

formatedValue = SourceCSVLine.Replace(",",CHR(13))

textBox.Text = formatedValue

Sorry for bad VB syntax... I'm C# guy....
The following code assigns each delimited part as a new line
string line = "1,2,3,4";
textBox.Text = line.Replace(',', '\n');

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Someone beat me and I forgot to convert to VB:
Dim line As String = "1,2,3,4"
textBox.Text = line.Replace(","c, ControlChars.Lf)

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schwientekdAuthor Commented:
I modified your lines slightly by replacing CHR(13) with vbCrLf and that did accomplish the simple question I asked.  However I was looking for a way to do this with a For statement.  The reason is that the thing I am trying to accomplish is much more complex but I was trying to start small.  The comma separated items I am using are actually going to be codes that are stored in a table.  Each code will have another column with a description and the descriptions are what need to appear in my textbox. Sorry for the long explanation which I don't expect to be answered in this post but I just wanted to explain my reason for wanting to use a For statement.
Walter RitzelSenior Software EngineerCommented:
In this case, I think the last code from RyanAndres is what you are looking for.
schwientekdAuthor Commented:
I think that this will get me started.  Thanks.
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