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I am trying to publish an application via citrix.  What I am needing to do is to display the application icon on the user's desktop(not via the web interface).  If I recall, this type of publication can be done but I think there is a citrix client that needs to be installed first and I totally forgot as to where it is located.  The citrix was configured by a consultant and pretty much accepted all default locations in regards to the program location.  Does anybody have any suggestion/s?  Any links would be greatly appreciated.  As always, thank you in advance for your time on this matter.
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You want the "XenApp plugin for Hosted Apps" which can be downloaded here:

to make the published application appear on the user's desktop go to the properties of the published app and under Program Neighborhood Settings specify to place a shortcut on the desktop.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
You need to ensure that you have all the necessary stuff in place for Program Neighbourhood Agent.
This requires a web (IIS) server as it uses XML files. Youe get an icon in the notification area (system tray) once this is instaled, and it takes care of putting the shortcuts on the start menu/desktop based on which apps a users has been configured to have access to via Access Management Console.
You'll need the server name of the web server where the PNA configuration is retrieved from when you install the client.
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