ExTRA comes back with: Port 25, which is used by SMTP instance Default, did not respond on server 0000

Hello Experts:
When running ExTRA, and chose Expected messages from senders&, get very interesting result:
Area - Connectivity:
Other root causes:
It appears that the SMTP service and SMTP instance(s) on server myserver are started but the port did not respond. Check if there are any network errors or hung services.
Server - myserver:
Port 25 did not respond
Port 25, which is used by SMTP instance 'Default MYSERVER', did not respond on server 0000.
Port 587 did not respond
Port 587, which is used by SMTP instance 'Client MYSERVER, did not respond on server 0000
Interesting because mail-flow is fine and ExBPA is fine as well.
Some specs:
Mail comes in through a Trend AV/SPAM proxy and then to MYSERVER on 25; wich will only accept from the proxy IP.
Mail goes out to one specific IP address in Send Connector (our ISP/HSP).
Exchange 2007 SP1 Enterprise -Rollup 7 on Win2K3 SP2 x64 4GB RAM (10-users) w/ Xeon 3040.
Anyone have an idea as to why ExTRA comes back with these results?
Thank You Experts!
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Hi Jlsystems,
did you get chance to apply this soultion?
just wondering, whether it worked out for you or not.
do a telnet maila.microsoft.com 25
what do you get?
does it connect? or rejects?
jlsystemsAuthor Commented:
We could try this tomorrow. As wish to learn can you please explain what this test will show in relation to posted question? Please note that mail-flow appears 100% fine - event logs are clean and we have always send/receive fine. Finally - local and remote telnet testing of MYSERVER SMTP/port 25 (helo, mail to, rcpt, etc...) is fine - test message comes right through. Thanks!
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This most likely the problem:

"MYSERVER on 25; which will only accept from the proxy IP"

If you have set a restriction on the system to only accept email from a certain IP address then it can stop the troubleshooting tools form working correct.

jlsystemsAuthor Commented:
Interesting - we could test this hypothesis by running bypass on proxy and set to send out direct.  Would this  apply to the send, receive connectors or both?  And how could this explain the client port 587 that also have this symptom as well? Finally - have another separate domain w/exactly same config which comes back clean on ExTRA. We were originally tuning another issue we resolved when noticed this interesting result.
Were you running the tool from the server itself, or from another workstation?
Something is blocking the traffic. I have seen AV software block it as well.

jlsystemsAuthor Commented:
Running ExTRA & ExBPA from the server itself - local. ran with AV software off in services. No Windows Firewall.
jlsystemsAuthor Commented:
So there is no one out there that experienced, can explain or help correct this issue?
This one is due to Microsoft typical default settings for IP address. It is  since IIS 5.0.
Just open Exchange Management Consol.
Go to Server configuration  Hub Transport  and right click on your Receive connector  Select Network Tab and change the default option USE all IP address available on this server to Specify an IP address
Enter your exchange server local IP address.  Apply it for both protocols i.e. 587 and port 25
Run the Extra again.

jlsystemsAuthor Commented:
Hello and thanks for the follow up.
We did try the solution and the ports now do respond correctly.
However now get a new "phantom" error:
"Mail submission failed: Error message: Syntax error, command unrecognized. The server response was: 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful."
Again this would be a "phantom" error as with original error we get the test mail fine... it actually DOES pass the mail acceptance test.
Would you, or anyone, no why this is the case and how to make the ExTRA read correctly/more accurately?
jlsystemsAuthor Commented:
As no more input on this strange situation with "phantom" errors in diagnostics will close question.
We still have this annoying issue and would like it to go away.
DariodVP of ITCommented:
The solution left by Gyan06 worked for us in the same situation.
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