Yahoo mailbox doesn't load

Hi Experts

A user in our office is not able to open yahoo mailbox
His id ends with

He is able to login, but after that it doesn't load or takes very long time to load mailbox.

He is using Yahoo Classic
Windows XP SP2
IE 6 128bit

See in screenshot that page keeps on loading forever.

Internet is working fine, all other sites are working fine.
Only yahoo is causing this problem.
VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAsked:
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VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAuthor Commented:
User said previous he use to enter only username in username field while login
Now when is logging in with complete email ID for example like he is able to login without any issue.

I don't if this the resolution. But issue seems to be resolved for the moment.

Now what shall do with the points?
It could have something to do with the new interface at Yahoo.  You could try switching to the classic interface or better yet I would suggest upgrading your browser to at least IE7 if not IE8.  Good luck, Rob.
VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAuthor Commented:
He is still using classic look only. Still it doesn't load.

I don't think upgrading to IE7 will help.
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Well i have to disagree, not sure if it uses java but you could check on that.  If I was working it I would certainly start with all available windows updates.  open ie, click on tools, click on windows update.  it is worth your time just for the security updates and I do think it will fix Yahoo for you as well.  Good luck, Rob.
Below are the things you can perform for troubleshooting.
1. Clear internet caches and temporary internet files.
2. Check on your webproxy whether they apply a rule to block free email websites, this happens often on corporate networks.
3. Check on the error message and paste it here, so that we can have a clearer picture.
VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAuthor Commented:
Screenshot attached
The website that just load like this? I don't think so.

Please include the error message as well after you have remove all the temp internet files and caches.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
I am running IE6, and the page loads extremely fast.
So it is not a Browser Version Issue.
(Yahoo Classic)

As "AngelSlayer8" has mentioned, clear the Temp internet files as well as the Temp Folder.
Clear all Cookies from the system.
Also, the user can do this.

Through Command Prompt
ipconfig /flushdns   (There is a space between   ipconfig / )

Good Luck
VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAuthor Commented:
Sorry for replying late

Have tried all those suggestions, still didn't resolve.
Well, this goes back a long time since I haven't had to adjust an MTU setting in a long time, but how about checking out the MTU setting on your router.  If it is set to 1500, try something lower like 1400 or even going down to 576 to see if that makes a difference and then go back up from there.  A long shot, but I do remember some web sites having trouble with an MTU setting too high.  Good luck, Rob.
VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAuthor Commented:
We have Cyberoam C25i, and i have made no changes on Firewall of MTU settings.
Its just in default state.
User started getting this problem from last 14/4/2009(DD/MM/YYYY)

All other sites are working fine. Only yahoo mail loads very slow.

- An observation
This is quite a old yahoo id may be more then 15+ year old id.

can check you internet explorer setting  
tool --> internet options --> advanced- click on reset
Is he able to open  mail box  on firefox ..?
VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAuthor Commented:
@ samithsukumar

Done these, still no go :(
Many firewalls default to an MTU of 1500 which is too big for some sites (servers,) particularly causing trouble in the past with ssl web sites if I recall.  In a link posted from your other EE question (24403580) it states the default MTU for IEEE network is 1492, this used to have to be changed on most Comcast routers from the default (same as your router's default) to get web sites to work correctly a number of years ago.  I believe the reason for this is because if your router is set to 1500 then the packets get split when sent on your local network if you are using IEEE which is 1492.  Just a gut feeling on this one, take it if you want.
I still feel stonger that although it is not the source of the problem you should upgrade to IE7 from IE6.  Still using IE6 or did your post above stating you tried all suggestions include upgrading to IE7 with the latest SP and updates?  Good luck, Rob.
VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAuthor Commented:
Now user says his mailbox is working fine. Without any changes made.

I don't know whats wrong? Any clues?
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Probably rebooting the computer a few times has cleared up the issue.
I know that when I am working hard on my computer (ASP Database Programmer Designer)
That sometimes XML pages that I start working on will not work, but other will work.
I will have to reboot my computer, and everything goes back to working
No reason's to "Why"?
It just does.

This could also be the cause to your Users computer at work.
It is really hard to tell.
I know that stranger things are fixed after a few reboots.
Why not this issue?

Glad it is back working for her.
VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAuthor Commented:
@ carrzkiss

Reboots resolved the quite strange.

Its him not her lol

I'm searching for cause, coz may be this issue come again.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
sorry for Gender issue :) (Don't tell him, that he is a she now :~) )

I know that reboots are a strange one, but think about this for a second
(This is how I rationalize the issue that I have with what I explained above)

During Reboots, the system clears out the following area's.
Bad Registry Entries - Not ALL, but SOME of the bad entries in the registry get cleared out during a reboot.  (Back several years ago, I downloaded some software and did not like it, The ReadMe file stated to reboot the computer 2 times to get rid of all left over garbage)
So, sometimes it takes more then a single reboot to fix an issue.

Lets look at the site Yahoo Mail.
That is not just a site that shows HTML Code, it also deals with:
DLL Files on your computer that read and write information to the server.
Maybe this DLL file was corrupted, During a reboot the file was replaced (or) repaired.

(Called:  yahoomail.dll )

This is just a speculation, I am not sure if it is accurate or not (Regarding the Yahoo Mail)
But you never know, you know?

But, good luck in your search for other explaination.
Mine is just a thought, and usually my thoughts tend to be accurate or close to it when
It comes to rationalizing computer related issue, that is why they call me.

Have a good one.
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