Need example for Pagination using struts 2 and MYSql DB

Like to know concept of pagination  and suitable design pattern to implement it with sample app explaining the same in struts 2 and mysql
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Murali MurugesanConnect With a Mentor Full stack Java developerCommented:
i would suggest go for display tag it suits your requirement , its very easy to implement and it allows sorting of table columns along with paging.

Murali MurugesanFull stack Java developerCommented:
Use display tag library,


 follow this post as mentioned by rrz@871311

tdbalkiAuthor Commented:
Hi Murali,


Like to implement separting business logic and presentation logic.  

Expected :
Consider : db returns 100 records for a sql query.  Planned to display 10 records per page

Expected flow:
-I/P to action class =current page no and expected page
-action class ->invokes help class, process and returns result based on current page no and expected page.
-result will be rendered in jsp page

Looking for suritable design structure.

tdbalkiAuthor Commented:
Looking for alternate approach
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