Error: "Maximum forwarding loop count exceeded.."

Hi, I have a problem with simple delivering of mail for my domain.

When I try to send a mail for my domain my Lotus creates such error:

"Maximum forwarding loop count exceeded. Message probably in a forwarding loop. Examine Forwarding Address of intended recipient in Address Book."

I check this:

No results.

I have configured Global Domain with Local Primary Internet domain.No forwarders are configured. Lotus generates an error:

15.05.2009 11:51:54   SMTP Server: Message 002B3427 (MessageID: ) received from ( size 211 bytes
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: Message 002B3427 forwarded to from OF75277053:7C9CE24A ONC32575B7:002B3427
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: Message 002B3444, 002B3427 forwarded to from OF897C9DD2:7E162FA1 ONC32575B7:002B3444
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: Message 002B3445, 002B3427 forwarded to from OF0D857C8E:F82BBA59 ONC32575B7:002B3445
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: Message 002B3446, 002B3427 forwarded to from OF9692290C:77E73FF4 ONC32575B7:002B3446
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: Message 002B3447, 002B3427 forwarded to from OF476E4AE0:9B5063D4 ONC32575B7:002B3447
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: Unable to deliver message 002B3448, 002B3427 to from OF6F674F44:BE94BC73 ONC32575B7:002B3448
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Maximum forwarding loop count exceeded.  Message probably in a forwarding loop. Examine Forwarding Address of intended recipient in Domino Directory.
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: Transfer to server MAIL.RU is ready with 1 messages
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: Starting transfer thread 00000005
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: Transfer thread 00000005 searching for work
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: [00000005] Transferring mail to domain MAIL.RU (host mxs.MAIL.RU []) via SMTP
15.05.2009 11:51:54   Router: Transferred 1 messages to MAIL.RU (host mxs.MAIL.RU) via SMTP
15.05.2009 11:51:59   Router: Message 002B3449 transferred to mxs.MAIL.RU for from OF5D6E90CF:92637910 ONC32575B7:002B3449 Size: 1K via SMTP

By the way NDR that was sent to was succefully delivered.
But any email sent via Lotus meet such error.
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Master-SquirrelAuthor Commented:
Well, I found an answer. the problem was in that I change Name of my person every time when I created this person. So when a name is disapeared from Lotus Catalog (in format Name last Name/Domain) Lotus can not find this account for receiving the mail.
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

Will you post the cotents of your global domain and domain aliases in Server document ?

Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
It seems that your server is configured to accept mail for domain. But the looping mail has the abc@ru. It seesm that though is not listed in your domain aliases DNS MX points to your domino server as SMTP server. So server thinks that mail does not belong to itself and tries to route it and when it queries the DNS it gets its own address and delivers to itself and this goes on till the maximum loop count has been reached.

You'd better add to your domain aliases.

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Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
> By the way NDR that was sent to was succefully delivered.
> But any email sent via Lotus meet such error.

This is why is delivered. Since when routing the DNS returns a properly configured mail server for which is not an alias to your server but a mail server configured for the domain.
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
To correct this :

- Launch Domino Administrator
- Click "configuration" tab
- Expand "Messaging" from the list in left pane.
- Click Domains
- Expand "Global Domains"
- Click your global domain document. ""
- Click Conversations
  - Your "Local Primary Internet Domain" should be ""
  - Clik to Alternate Internet domain aliases
  - Enter to the list

So that it will accept mails too

Save And close
Go to your console
at the promt type:
tell smtp q
load smtp

This is it.


Master-SquirrelAuthor Commented:
That's my options

I have not configured DNS zone for "abc" and "" because I send email directly using SMTP commands from command line. As I read in Lotus documentation If Notes understand that domain of incoming letter is local it must deliver this letter to local mail file of my user because there is a mapping between email and user.

How can I add to my domain aliases? As I did it on Lotus-5.Jpg it doesn\t work.

So I did like on Lotus-6.jpg and when I send a mail for it send it via MX record on DNS to ABC Company: - )))))

Can you help me?
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

In fact what I've suggested to you initally was to configure the selection from your lotus-5.jpg slide.

But additionally I'd suggested you to stop and start smtp from the console after the change. Did you restart SMTP after cehnging the configuration ?

From the console:
> tell smtp q
> load smtp

Because your lotus-5.jpg shows the correct configuration now and it should work.

Master-SquirrelAuthor Commented:
I even restal all server.
But there is the same error. And this is screen of my console.

Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
It seems that APEtrow has soe setting in its mailbox. As you might have noticed after each unsecusful delivery to the notes it delivers some mail to Will you check this users mailbox it he set-up some mail delivery agent or something in there ?
Master-SquirrelAuthor Commented:
No problem. I have a lot of messages in mailbox with so:

Your message


was not delivered to:


  Maximum forwarding loop count exceeded.  Message probably in a forwarding loop. Examine Forwarding Address of intended recipient in Domino Directory.

Reporting-MTA: dns;

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Diagnostic-Code: X-Notes; Maximum forwarding loop count exceeded.  Mes
 sage probably in a forwarding loop. Examine Forwarding Address of inte
 nded recipient in Domino Directory.


By the way, i have deleted APetrov user account from my Lotus and now If I send a mail for him I get an error that no such user in Lotus Direcotory, So we know that Lotus sees this account.

Now I will create new account, for example Apetrov2.
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
When you delete an account his mailbox APetrov.nsf stays there. Remove the file and recreate a user with the same name no need to create another user. BTW it was not an issue with Notes not thinks this user exists.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You might have to add an Internet Site document in the NAB.

If that doesn't help, try to add your full mail address to the Sort names in the Person document.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Sorry, I don't understand your explanation...
Master-SquirrelAuthor Commented:
Well I changed the name of my person and Lotus could not deliver the mail for him.
The name of person must be in Lotus format and I changed it to correct email adress of this person that is builded on this name, - )))
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