SPF records

I have 2 domains and both domains send and recieve for each other.

i have used the following tool to create an spf record for zzzplace.com

and used http://www.zzzman.com to test my spf record

if I send from user@zzzplace.com it works fine as it should, but if i use user@stanleyzzz.co.uk it comes up with the follwoing error

Mail sent from: 78.33.xxx.xxx
Mail from (Sender): user@stanleyzzz.co.uk
Mail checked using this SPF policy: v=spf1 mx mx:exchange.stanleyzzz.co.uk mx:argonaut.zzzplace.com ~all
Results - ambiguous SPF Ambiguity Warning: No A records found for: argonaut.zzzplace.com.stanleyzzz.co.uk

any ideas as some of our users have mailboxes on the above server and need their primary smtp address as above and it does send ok to come servers/clients but some we are getting blocked either by "possible forged sender" or "failed to meet SPF requirements" even tho reverse dns is setup ok and i have also checked with dnstuff.com

i have also setup mx records for both and A records
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Rajith EnchiparambilConnect With a Mentor Office 365 & Exchange ArchitectCommented:
It's better to put your public ip in the spf record that the mx domains.

eg, v=spf1 ip4: -all
hercnemesisAuthor Commented:
just tried this now and works a treat, thankyou very much for swift response
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