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Cisco 877 ADSL Router doesnt work? configuration problem?

This router is to replace the existing Thomson 585. I checked with the ISP, and found out the IPs and settings as follows:

   Encapsulation = aal5snap
   vpi/vci = 8/35
   RFC 1483

   WAN IPs: (ISP) (Mine)
    LAN IPs (assigned Public static IPs): -
    subnet mask:

    Additional LAN IPs (Newly assigned public static IPs): -
    subnet mask:

Pls see attached file for Cisco router configuration.

After hooking up everythings, on Power and CD are lit. You can also see attached files for results of "sh int atm0" and "sh int vlan1".

I've assigned Cisco router ATM0 with, and VLAN1 with and secondary ip as

On router, I can ping both atm0 and vlan1 IPs, but not - ISP router Ip.
Appreciate for your help!
1 Solution
try this

interface atm0
pvc 8/35
protocol ip broadcast

that's the only difference (adapted) between the your config and another site I have with a similar config.
BalackAuthor Commented:
Hi Ludo friend,

I'll try it and let you know...
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