Cannot login remotlet as the local Administrator server 2k3

I cannot login as a local administrator via RDP
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Todd MummertConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Just to follow through -- you know how to add a password to an account?

control panel -> users and groups -> change account
   change password

or control panel -> admin tasks -> computer management -> local users and groups -> users
  highlight the account you want
  under the actions tab, select 'set password'

Todd MummertCommented:

make sure the account is added to the Remote Desktop Users group.  You can do this from
Computer Management -> Local Users and Group -> Groups -> Remote Desktop Users



PetielAuthor Commented:
It is a member
Todd MummertCommented:

I'm assuming other users can connect via RDP... and it's only the local administrator account that is blocked.  Is this correct?

One other requirement for RDP is that the account has to have a password.
PetielAuthor Commented:
thats the problem then  I have no password on the local account
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