How do I forward all traffic on MacBook Pro through an IP Address & Port?

I work behind a fastidious corporate firewall.
All my internet traffic - from mac mail to safari, ftp & mysql Client .. HAS to go thru an ip address and port 8080.

This is fine for my Safari - as I can setup the System Preferences - Network - Proxy ...
BUT I cannot (it seems) tell my MySQL Client s/w or FTP s/w nor SSH'd s/w to ALSO forward all their traffic to this ip x.x.x.x : 8080

Any ideas!?
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Your corporate security personnel have this in place for a reason. It sounds as if the proxy they are using is for HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

If you have a true business reason for accessing resources out on the Internet, then speak to your IT folks and explain what is you are trying to do. Often they can setup a 1 to 1 NAT for the necessary ports. There are also other types of proxies out there that they may already have configured but you do not have access to.

Attempting to circumvent the firewall with a protocol like SSH client can open a very wide hole in their corporate security. SSH Has the capabilities to pass traffic both ways.

Good luck!
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