RAID 10 on Dell 2850 Server.

I have a Dell Power Edge 2850 Server and want to install RAID on it but not sure how to do it.
The only option i am getting is RAID 0 or 5.
any info will be highly appriciated.
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HoardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The PERC4 will do RAID 10 just fine. But for whatever reason it won't "show" it as raid 10 but rather raid 1.
Go into the CTRL M for raid on POST.


You'll see all 4 of your hard drives. Highlight the first one. Hit "SPACE" it'll turn it "blinking online"
Highlight the second and do the same.
Once those first 2 show online hit "ENTER," they will change to a "solid online"
Now highlight the 3rd, hit "SPACE" to get the blinking online.
Highlight the 4th and hit "SPACE" again.
Now hit ENTER.
Basically what you are doing is creating 2 RAID 1's at this point.
Now hit F10. This will bring up and show both of your new RAID 1's with a blank space below them.
Hit SPACE on the first one to select SPAN 1. Select SPACE on teh second and select SPAN 2.
This process is tying the 2 RAID 1's into a RAID 10.
Hit F10 again.
This menu shows it as a RAID 1 but this is correct.
Good to go.

Which PERC card is installed in the server?
And remember, you need at least 4 dedicated drives for raid 10.
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amitbhardwaj100Author Commented:
Embedded PERC 4e/Di RAID Controller.
yes, i have 4 dedicated drives.
amitbhardwaj100Author Commented:
There was RAID 1 but I already cleaned everything.
just want to know how can we configure RAID 10.
If the disks are all virgin and not already inside an array, the possible options should come up on the controller. Are you sure you have used the RAID controller's utility tool to remove all raid from your current array?
amitbhardwaj100Author Commented:
Yeah. I used the  RAID controller's utility tool to remove all raid,
but no RAID 10 optioin is coming, the only option I am getting is RAID 5 or RAID 1
amitbhardwaj100Author Commented:
I was reading somewhere that there is no RAID 10 but its actually RAID 1+0 or Raid 0+1.
is it true, and if its true, does anybody know how can we configure that on DELL Power EDGE 2850?
amitbhardwaj100Author Commented:
The Best way to configurre RAID on dell server is to use the DELL Management cd.
it gives you the option to create ant RAID depend upon ur RAID controller and the hard drives you are having.
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