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We have a workstation in our network that has display showing live data on its desktop.

What we want cisco anyconnect to do it, allow remote users from outside to view whatever it is displaying from this workstation and can't do anything else. Or can we VPN into the workstation and run some other apps to get desktop view? No VNC pls...

Basically desktop sharing, so other can view whatever is on this workstation! Without any controls such as turning the workstation off.

Did some research, something about  "windows desktop sharing" from vista...  how does that work?

Is it possible? More like remote viewing....

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yashinchaladConnect With a Mentor Commented:
how about, or ?
SPERTWAuthor Commented:
Are you suggesting to have these software mention to work along with Cisco AnyConnect VPN?
yashinchaladConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no, you dont need VPN as log as it can reach internet from that PC.
SPERTWAuthor Commented:
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