How to add "Last updated on xx/xx/xx" in Joomla

I need to add a site-wide "last updated on xx/xx/xx", meaning that if any pages would have been edited or added, the PHP script would display the most recent article. Is this possible? Yes or no? If yes, then how?
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j-b-tConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If are you just wanting to show
"last updated on    xxx" - actually by default "last modified on" will show  -
on every page - go to (along top)
click article manager in drop down
in article manager clilick parameters (top right)
in parameters select "show" on Modified Date and Time - click save top right

This sets the default for all articles - within each article you also have the choice to manually set these parameters
You want to check when a file was last edited?

// if windows use C:/path/to/the/file.php
$get_file_time = filectime("/full/path/to/the/file.php");
$formateddate = date("F j, Y", $s);
echo("Las Updated on " . $formateddate);

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mpaertAuthor Commented:
Dear Markh,

Thank you, but I'm not looking for file date, but last change date of a MySQL database.
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in that case you need to add a timestamp field to your database.

then select the most recent timestamp:

"select timestamp from table order by timestamp" - where timestamp is the name of your timestamp column.
try lookin in this thread... may be it will help you...

mpaertAuthor Commented:
Hi jbt,

Thank you, I am aware of this function. What I want is a PHP script that looks at all "Last modivied" dates on the database from specific categories. I want to display on the homepage, when the site was last modified.
j-b-tConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK - then you just need a module to display last date anything modified - so why not just modify  the newsflash or latest news module to do this
j-b-t's method works.
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