Exchange 2007 OAB will not download for 5 remote users but I can login with their profile locally and it works

Remote Users when the send and email message they will get a send receive error 0x8004010f  cant be found.   I try to manually download the OAB from the remote location with the same error.   I can login locally as the users and it works fine.   I have repaired outlook and have removed the profile.   The Bandwidth I have upgraded from 1.5 to 5 meg with the same issue.   Recent change from an RRAS Server to a Netscreen Site-toSite VPN tunnel is the only change other than the Email migration from Exchange 20003 moving mailbox to Exchange 2007.
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asmusjer1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to find out that the issue was a static route statement that was on the old exchange Server that was incorrect.    THe new Servers had the proper static route statements removed.

Thanks for the help
I would try to rebuild the default offline address list first as this is done quite fast. if that doesn't help i would check public folder replication settings. Make sure you check all public folder instances that your exchange 2007 server is listed in the replication tab.

Depending on your clients you may also want to review your offline addressbook compatibility settings.  You can also try to reboot your global catalog server.

If all that does not help there might be outdated entries in the active directory, you should check your AD for entries about the old server.
Also check your store settings, general tab that under offline addressbook it is listed correctly. If nothing is there, then put your OAB in there.
Rajith EnchiparambilOffice 365 & Exchange ArchitectCommented:
asmusjer1Author Commented:
Does it make sense that I can log into a users account locally and all mail works fine?  I think I am down to a client issue.  The users are connected via a site-to-site vpn tunnel.   The only difference is the connection is slower than being connected to our local lan.   If I manually try to download the address book it fails with 0x8004001f object cannot be found.   I tried the reg fix above with no success.   Doesnt the OAB get repaired or updated every day?  Referring to the other Engineer above.   There must me something different with users who are on a different subnet and connected to the site-to-site vpn with a netscreen firewall.   I am thinking since we upgraded to 2007 maybe the outlook 2003 users remotely might experience slowness issue with the OAB.
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