How to capture Winform UserControl Events without using Delegates

I have 2 UserControls on a Winforms Main form.  I need to capture events from one usercontrol without using delegates and events, possibly with an Observer Pattern mechanism, but how to do this?

I don't want the Mainform to be aware of the communication mechanism between usercontrols, and I can't require that either usercontrol is listening to the other or guarentee that both Usercontrols are even loaded.

Anybody have exprience with the Observer pattern or know some other way to do this?
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JackOfPHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this link...

This might give you an idea...
tioteAuthor Commented:
Good call, I was unaware of the ObservableCollection class.  Using the link you sent I found some additional code that I can use to implement the notifications.  thanks for the help.
Thank you so much; useful link
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